Top 10 Things I’m Experiencing at 32 Weeks Pregnant

32 weeks‬ pregnant today … Two months until my little girl arrives!

Here are the top 10 things I’m experiencing in the home stretch:

1) I love Tums.

2) I’m thirsty as hell. Apparently this is due to the massive blood expansion happening as she is in a huge growth spurt so it feels like I can’t get enough water. Yesterday I added coconut water to my fridge.

3) My fridge is overloaded with food. I don’t think we can fit anything else in there.

4) I pee 5x a night. Getting out of bed is a workout and requires a new method of swinging my leg to get momentum and then I grab the side of the bed to pull myself off. Very graceful.

5) I cry daily. About anything. And nothing.

6) She hiccups all the time. She’s big enough now that I constantly feel her movement. She loves to hang out to the far right and kick me in the ribs. Her hiccups are adorable, like a little consistent thumping that I love to watch move.

7) I’m tired of negative birth stories and “warnings.” Everyone has a story for me and are happy to give it whether I ask or not. I obviously prefer the positive and encouraging ones. It’s funny how women think they are being helpful when they aren’t at all.

8) I have no idea what to “do” with an infant. I’m very conscious to the fact that I have only been around one baby, my niece, and that wasn’t even a lot. I don’t know anything about babies. I’ve changed one diaper. As my due date nears, I’m present to how much help I will need, which I have no problem asking for unlike many new moms.

9) I’ve let go of my “to do list.” I’ve got a gazillion things to get finished and wrapped up in 2 months. I’m realizing that what gets done gets done and the rest will get done later.

10) I’m tired of wearing the same clothes (except i love my maternity jeans!) I got a box of maternity clothes donated and it’s pretty much all I wear. No one told me this little secret that maternity jeans rock! While I look forward to my regular clothes, I’m not sure I want to go back to regular jeans.

11) Strangers: stop asking what her name is! I know people are curious but I feel so awkward every time I say it’s a secret or we aren’t 100% sure yet because I don’t want to get into a lengthy discussion about it. And what … Are you going to tell me that it’s a terrible name or that it reminds you of your aunt you didn’t like? It feels like a pointless conversation.

Next week I head to Vipassana for 10 days of silent meditation to take care of myself and prep for my birth.

What a ride pregnancy is!