I am Tanya Paluso,

coach, trainer, speaker, author and CEO of Tribal Truth.

I have been through the dark and the light. I’ve gained tremendous wisdom through my experiences and training. I am a leader who walks my talk and is always looking at where I can be responsible for my impact on the world.

I am passionate.

I am a dreamer.

I am a stand for truth.

And I am committed.

People come to me because they are inspired by my vision and moved by my conviction. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to be part of the movement I’ve started because it allows them to see that they can play a bigger game.

I’ve coached top business professionals in Mumbai. I’ve led over a dozen Tribal Truth leaders in starting their own tribe. I’ve led masterminds where women have come out six-figure earners in less than a year. I’ve built stages where speakers have walked away with tens of thousands of dollars in their pocket.

I love standing for someone to have a breakthrough. I love brainstorming for new business strategies. I love creating 90 day plans that help someone take a huge step forward in their life and business.

I speak, sell and write from my heart. I listen for what matters and what will make a difference.

I get underneath someone’s skin and make them feel really uncomfortable so they can see the truth and breakthrough their limited beliefs. And other times, I softly ask someone to share and when they cry, I cry with her because I feel her pain. I am sensitive as much as I am tough.

I am a big visionary who sees beyond the limitations and I take fast, inspired action. I make things happen. I am a catalyst. I inspire the truth to arise from the depths of the heart.

My story

When I was 26 years old, I made a declaration that I was going to make a global difference. At the time, I was moved by this realization that this is why I was brought here on this planet. This is what my heart ached for. I had no idea how I was going to make a huge impact, but I longed for it.

From that moment forward, I searched for my truth. What vehicle would I use? What was my legacy going to be? How could I utilize my talents?

I looked back at my life and here is what I discovered about my commitments:

I have always been committed to wellness. I played sports since I was five years old and in my 20s, had a passion for running, basketball and yoga.

I have always been committed to education. I loved school. I loved to learn. I loved to read and write. I could devour a book in a day because I wanted to soak in knowledge. I was a truth seeker, looking to be my best self by learning from others and going through my own journey.

I have always been committed to travel. I’ve been to over 25 countries and have a fascination with culture. I love to travel not to see history, but to meet the people. I’ve travelled extensively on my own and lived abroad in China, Japan and Spain for a deeper immersion into the culture. I’d experienced everything from severe illness in Peru to my bags being stolen in Chile to death of a student in Japan to having servants in India. I embrace all of it, even the times I felt ostracized and alone in Japan when people would move away from me on the train because I was white.

I have always been committed to family. My parents have been together since they were 16 years old and still happily in love, doing personal development work together. My brother just had a baby and I have fallen hard in love with my niece, Lennox. We have family dinners on Sunday and I’ve lived for extensive periods with my parents as an adult because I want to spend that quality time with them. We drink wine at lunch and my mom forces me to stop working to watch Dancing With The Stars with her. We talk about everything in the jacuzzi under the stars and “swipe” my brother’s two mini Daschunds, Bu and Dash every chance we get.

Discovering myself in this way – by looking at what I’m committed to – allowed me to start to define the work I do in the world.

It started as a Health Counselor in NYC with a certificate from Institute For Integrative Nutrition in 2007.

It morphed into becoming the Executive Director at Play 4 Life, Inc. a non-profit I started to bring wellness to schools in the Bronx.

It moved across the country, back home to San Diego in January 2009 to become Women 4 Wellness, events that I selfishly put on for myself to meet new, like-minded women to befriend.

It evolved into Tribal Truth in January 2010 when I partnered with Novalena Betancourt and we created a new structure to empower women in fulfilling their dreams.

Since that launch, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the meaning of “tribe” and “truth.” I’ve been on a journey that can be best described as a roller coaster, both scary and exhilarating, where I’ve lost my stomach and my mind and found it again on the top looking down.

I’ve learned above all that the truth will set us free. The more I can speak the facts, my feelings and look under the hood of the car — the more I can be present with what’s right there in front of me — the deeper I can go in intimacy with others, the more I can love myself, and the more I experience joy.

Rediscovering my truth

In the summer of 2013, I went through the dark night of the soul asking, Who am I if not Tribal Truth? Who am I if not Tanya Paluso? Who am I without any identity?

With these questions, came the teacher. Barry Green guided me through Releasing The Past and over the course of 11 months, I dismantled and cleared old belief structures and came home to myself … rediscovering the truth of who I am.

I have always been committed to wellness, education, travel and family.

Now I am a leader, and with that comes great responsibility. I am still committed to all of that I have stood for in the past and stepping into the future, I am deeply committed to loving and honoring myself at the root level.

I am deeply committed to be a stand for truth and be, simply, LOVE.

An invitation:

Start living, breathing and speaking your truth. Be inspired by the tribe. Learn how to put a tribe behind your dream.


If you are someone who …

is extremely self-aware,
wants someone who is no nonsense and direct,
knows you are destined to be a world-class change agent,
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I’d love to explore the possibility of working together.

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