Another big reveal …

I haven’t watched it yet (too scared to see myself on stage!), but I’m revealing it to you anyway:

My Rational Lies theater performance piece.


I had a vision after I produced the Vagina Monologues in 2011 (which was a sold out show with over 700 people in the audience) to put on my own monologues. Every time I tried to get it together, it felt like I was forcing.

So this January, I pulled together a group of leaders who said YES. Game on.

It was the biggest struggle of my life. So much resistance, personally and from each person. To get on stage and share our truth was a huge edge of vulnerability. But we were committed.

We had people come on board and drop out. 3 people dropped out the week before the show. But we knew it was going to be exactly the way it was supposed to be and the show must go on.

My piece shifted drastically through the 6 month process. A week before I got on stage, I conceived. I said to Jess and Isabella during the dress rehearsal, “there’s a chance I’m pregnant! Wouldn’t that be a trip?”

Sure enough, I was pregnant and found out a few days later.

The uncanny bit? The piece was about my resistance to motherhood.

I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment and share it with other women you feel would resonate with it.