I’m now officially …

Lots of changes with Little Be coming into the world. Next year, I will formally and legally become Tanya Lynn Kozlowski when I take Brent’s hand in marriage. The idea of no longer being “Tanya Paluso” scared me, as it is who I always knew myself to be. We become so attached to our names as our identities.

I have thought about continuing to be Tanya Paluso for my business and Tanya Kozlowski for my life and it just doesn’t feel right.

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My personal growth in business

In 2010, when I started Tribal Truth, I was too scared and insecure to lead a long-term program so I started my “career” in the role as a MC for events, filling other leaders’ programs who I felt were more capable than me at leading deeper, transformational processes.

I wanted to be that leader but didn’t believe I had the content, skill or confidence to create a program.

A year later, I created my first online program.

How to Get More YESes to your Vision

I was interviewed for a radio show yesterday and speaking at an event today.  One of our greatest fears is speaking in public because we don’t want to risk rejection. We are afraid to share our messages because we don’t want to say something and then hear crickets chirping.

So how do you get more YESes? How do you have the confidence going on stage or having a conversation knowing that people will want to join your tribe?

In today’s video, I give 4 steps that I always take when sharing my message with others that results in more YESes. People want to support my vision because it is in alignment with their own.


How to Birth your Vision

I’ve been having big visions coming through of where Tribal Truth is going and how to take it to the next level and my book. It feels like a fire hose of ideas shooting out of me and I was told twice to stop and breath.

Yes, it can be exciting to be in “idea germination” phase and beginning stage of birthing a vision. It can also be overwhelming, especially the part about getting started and activating it.

In today’s video, I talk about my process of birthing a vision. I think this is going to be extremely valuable as I begin to activate the vision.

ENGAGE, leave a comment: What’s your vision?

How to Create Space for the Things you Want

I’m exhausted! Today we cleaned for half the day in our new house and let me tell you, it feels so good! The hard work paid off, big time.

For the past month, I have been spending serious time cleaning, clearing and completing. While most people believe in New Year Resolutions and setting intentions, January is still winter, the time for self-reflection and hibernation. Which means there may still be stuff to clear out to make room for the new.

Watch today’s video about the cleaning out process:

ENGAGE, leave a comment: What room do you feel you can clean out? What else needs completion from 2012? Tell us what feels like it is still in the way that if cleared out would provide space for your deepest desires to flow through.