How to Get More YESes to your Vision

I was interviewed for a radio show yesterday and speaking at an event today.  One of our greatest fears is speaking in public because we don’t want to risk rejection. We are afraid to share our messages because we don’t want to say something and then hear crickets chirping.

So how do you get more YESes? How do you have the confidence going on stage or having a conversation knowing that people will want to join your tribe?

In today’s video, I give 4 steps that I always take when sharing my message with others that results in more YESes. People want to support my vision because it is in alignment with their own.


Competition vs. Collaboration

I have a love-hate relationship with being a truth teller and opening the doors for others to tell their truth to me.

I always have the reaction “I’m in trouble!” when someone tells me they have to tell me their truth. It comes from my childhood. My stomach drops and I get triggered.

But when I lean in, magic happens every single time. More connection. More harmony. I get over that initial reaction and trigger and open my heart. I love this point of surrender and vulnerability.

Today, someone spoke their truth to me and I leaned in and without fail, we developed a deeper bond and a new opportunity for collaboration.

The topic: competition. This one is good:

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Holding Safe Space for Kids with Jeans 4 Justice

An emotional day. Moving. Inspiring. Motivating.

I volunteered as a mentor with Jeans 4 Justice today at High Tech High for 100+ students.

We talked about the things kids never get to talk about: suicide, bullying, cutting, rapes, eating disorders, negative self-talk.

The kids shared that the work they have been doing with J4J has helped create a safe environment for community. Family.

I share my experience and insights about the day in today’s video:

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