How to Co-Create an Event

Today felt good. There is nothing more rewarding for a woman than connection. To feel connected to another human being … to feel a sense of belonging through working toward a common purpose and a knowing of one another.

This is why I love co-creation.

And today, I had the privilege of coming together with 3 other rockstar leaders to co-create the Honoring The Masculine event.

We do it right. Starting with a healthy vegetarian lunch, followed by a fun brainstorming and planning session.

In today’s video, I go through some steps I always take when co-creating an event:


How to Ask for Help

Today is a special day: I have my first guest on “Tea Time with Tanya” … introducing Ms. Jodi Komitor, founder of Next Generation Yoga.

Jodi is a dear friend on so many levels, and we had such a deep discussion on our beach walk that I wanted to share her and our insights with you around asking for help and shifting negative conversations.

We get a little goofy so this should be fun for you to watch:

ENGAGE, leave a comment: Do you struggle to ask for help and support? Share your insights.

How to Put the Creative in your Leadership


How do you put the creative in your leadership?

Go out and PLAY!

Today, I decided to take the camera on the road … bring you along with me as my playdate.

This one is super fun  … I love watching myself laugh.


ENGAGE, leave a comment: How will you put the creative in your leadership? Share your insights.

How to Overcome more Overwhelm

When I get in the flow, I get inspired and I want to create more. With that, I tend to want to take on too much and all of a sudden find myself with a backlog of work to catch up on, new connections to follow up with and projects to complete.

Have you been in the state of overwhelm with too much on your plate?

Today, I dive deeper underneath the surface and look at a couple things to prevent frustration — focusing on what makes you flow in your power.

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