How to Get your Needs Met in a Partnership

I had a breakthrough today in actually embodying partnership around needs.

Historically, I have a hard time expressing my needs, most of the time because I’m unclear on what they are. I know the basics of when I need food and sleep, and sometimes those needs get compromised.

So as Collin Harris has stepped into my life to co-create Tribal Truth Divine Brotherhood and now Tribal Truth Youth, he’s been helping me identify my needs in the moment, ask for them and receive.

We took it a step further today and I share about my experience in the video:

ENGAGE, leave a comment: What’s your relationship with your needs? I double dog dare you to tell your partner that you will focus on his/her needs and see the reaction. Share your insights below.

Get your Creative Freak On!

I did it! I set an intention and I got creative! And it turned out better than good! I am so excited … it is possible to be blocked and simply by identifying it, blast through it and feel fulfilled.

Check out the art piece I created in today’s video:

ENGAGE, leave a comment: What can you take action on?

How to Be Fully Committed

Am I all in?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself since last night with all of my commitments. Where do I hold myself back? Where am I half in, half out?

In today’s video, I dive into how I recommitted to a women’s circle I participate in and how this process has helped me lean into other commitments in my life as well.

Oh, and I got a haircut today, which makes me feel so feminine and soft. Excited to show off my new look!

ENGAGE, leave a comment: What commitment are you 50/50 in? What can you shift to be 100% in? Share your insights and stories below.

How to Say Yes to Yourself (and no to others)

I have a really hard time saying no to others. I have a even harder time saying yes to myself.

Why is this?

Why do I say yes to someone and immediately regret it and then go on a downward spiral as I try to reclaim my power?

I dive into a process with my East Bay Tribe Leader and dear friend Jess Libbey on today’s video:

ENGAGE, leave a comment: what’s been your experience with saying yes when you don’t mean it? Share your stories and insights below.

How to Stay in the Flow

Saturday night, my friend Janna May cracked me wide open. She did an intuitive reading on me and I gave her permission to go really deep into some core wounding. Major resistance came up and I shut down and shut off at a certain point, then moved through it in my journaling Sunday morning and more with my friend Erika on Sunday evening.

By Monday afternoon, I was ready to have a conversation with my mom. She is seriously my hero, my role model. While all of what Janna exposed was related to her, by opening my heart and sharing, mom and I went a layer deeper in our relationship.

Our resistance blocks the flow. Our resistance comes from fear. The only way over it is through it.

Watch today’s video about my conversation with mom to stay in my flow:

ENGAGE, leave a comment: What are you resisting? Yes, that thing that just came to mind. Share it on the comments below.