Priestess of the moon

For years I had wondered how I could design my life and business to be in alignment with my own personal cycle as well as the rhythms and cycles of the earth.

It felt like a lot of work to “figure” it all out. So while I felt a calling, I didn’t answer it.

Until about a month ago.
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I wanted to cancel. Quit. Throw in the towel. Give up.

But I didn’t. Instead I asked, how can this be easier, lighter and more graceful?

I have to let go of control. I have to stop trying to hold it all together and surrender to grace.

There was no coincidence that I committed to hosting an all-day event a week before my wedding. Both events provided the same mirror for me: it’s not about cancelling or quitting. It’s about practicing the art of feminine leadership.

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Lessons from Mastery of Circle Leadership

Last week, I hosted the Mastery of Circle Leadership retreat … one of the most powerful weeks of my life.

The training was a success and I got so many lessons that I want to share the top 5 in a minute.

It was my first time away from Kali, pumping in between sessions, learning how to practice self-care and balance it all. Intense. Exhausting. I completely lost it on Friday when Kali wouldn’t take the breast after getting used to bottle feeding, driving my fiance over his edge. We made it through and feeling stronger than ever as we are 54 days away from our wedding.

You could say that I’m in the fire, going through not only one major rite of passage (becoming a mother), but TWO in one year (becoming a wife). I feel like I’m getting squeezed, forced to let go of old patterns and old beliefs to find deeper intimacy, balance, joy and harmony with my family and work.

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It’s never about the money

I just got back from a much needed vacation where I completely unplugged from everything. I started at Honeyroot to immerse myself in the hive of queen bees, surrendering, letting go, and receiving. I then picked up my man in Reno and went to camp at Lake Tahoe with some friends. We ended in Paso Robles to play cards listening to wind chimes in the backyard, sleep in, go to Morro Bay, and relax at Brent’s mom’s home.

 IMG_7303 IMG_7332

As Kali turned 4 months, I realized I had not given myself a break. So with no distractions, I got to unwind. And in the unwinding process, lots of pent up emotion released (and is continuing to release).

I have been feeling this collective scarcity around me. “I don’t have the money” has probably been the number one thing I’ve heard in the past month.

And so I did what I always do: look within. The outer world is a reflection of our inner landscape and so the collective was mirroring an aspect of my own scarcity.

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my Ted talk: how to empower the next generation of girls

One of my intentions for 2015 is to speak on a Tedx stage. If you haven’t heard of Ted, it is one of the premier stages for change agents to present their big ideas to the world.

Today, I shot a 2 minute “informal” video to apply to speak at a local Tedx event and it was a very powerful experience.

It reconnected me with my deeper WHY. The reason I do what I do in empowering, inspiring and teaching women how to lead circle.

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