Honoring the Masculine

In the 3 years of putting on events, I have never been so nervous and excited as I was last night.

57 men showed up to be honored.

Over 30 women showed up to hold space.

What happened was magical. Our intention of inspiring and empowering the men in our community was fulfilled. In today’s video, I share some of the insights from the gathering as well as my personal experience with my own inner masculine. Continue reading…

Getting the Support you Need and Desire

“I feel like I’m not supported.”

How many times have you said this?

It is totally normal to feel like you are doing it all alone. Overwhelmed. Frustrated.

In today’s video, I talk about 3 areas of life you can create structure around to feel more supported. You will naturally start to attract people to support you in your life when you create structures for them to step into.

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United Humanity

Today marks a shift in the Tribal Truth dialogue. Today starts a conversation between women and men in creating tribe.

For the past 3 years, I have written to my sisters.

And over the course of this period, men have asked to be included. I was ambivalent. I said, “well, we won’t invite you but we won’t turn you away if you show up at the door.”

I felt like the protector creating safe space for women to be vulnerable with one another.

To be honest, I’m tired of being that structure. At Longdance in September, when the men held space for us women, I yearned for that type of support in Tribal Truth.

What if the men held the container and I could just simply show up and lead?

But something didn’t feel right about that either.

I had a little bit of victim/martyr energy around it that said, “I’m exhausted, come save me.”

It felt like old model. I’m tired of that conversation. I want real partnership.

As I prepare for Sunday’s Honoring The Masculine event, I have had numerous conversations about my relationship with the masculine.

I began to look honestly at some of my blocks and fears and how I’ve inherited a belief system that’s disempowering.

Here are a few disempowering conversations that I am giving voice to:

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How to Co-Create an Event

Today felt good. There is nothing more rewarding for a woman than connection. To feel connected to another human being … to feel a sense of belonging through working toward a common purpose and a knowing of one another.

This is why I love co-creation.

And today, I had the privilege of coming together with 3 other rockstar leaders to co-create the Honoring The Masculine event.

We do it right. Starting with a healthy vegetarian lunch, followed by a fun brainstorming and planning session.

In today’s video, I go through some steps I always take when co-creating an event:


How to Get your Needs Met in a Partnership

I had a breakthrough today in actually embodying partnership around needs.

Historically, I have a hard time expressing my needs, most of the time because I’m unclear on what they are. I know the basics of when I need food and sleep, and sometimes those needs get compromised.

So as Collin Harris has stepped into my life to co-create Tribal Truth Divine Brotherhood and now Tribal Truth Youth, he’s been helping me identify my needs in the moment, ask for them and receive.

We took it a step further today and I share about my experience in the video:

ENGAGE, leave a comment: What’s your relationship with your needs? I double dog dare you to tell your partner that you will focus on his/her needs and see the reaction. Share your insights below.