Our Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding: Brent & Tanya Oct 4, 2015

The Officiant: Dr. Sage Breslin

The Gathering

We are gathered here today in the presence of tribe and family to witness and support the marriage of Brent Mikel Kozlowski and Tanya Lynn Paluso.  We are so grateful for the presence of so many who join us here today and also acknowledge those who were not able to join us here today, whether in body or spirit.

The Invocation

In order to ensure that the process of blessing this union is a sacred one, we ask that our prayers be heard.

We ask that all that gather here, either incarnate or in spirit, are here in the best interest of Brent and Tanya.  Our prayer is that we manifest a sacred container for the blessed union we will create.  For those who are unable to support this union, we ask that you take your leave.  We ask this in the name of all that is High and Holy. We ask this in the name of all angels.

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2014 Year in Review: My Year of Death and Rebirth

I started 2014 for a week in bed, sick, going through an intense healing process. I had co-created a New Year’s Eve party and ironically stayed home while the rest of my community enjoyed what I co-created. A lesson of letting go, taking care of myself, and trusting the leadership in others.

Now as I reflect on the entire year, I see that the beginning was appropriate for a year of Death and Rebirth and truly understanding The Miracle of Creation.

I needed to start in bed, to be resting, to be cleansing and purifying for what I consider to be a very powerful year where I birthed my book, Sistership Circle and become pregnant with my first baby. Her soul said, “Mama, I’m coming in during this year that you dedicate yourself to feminine leadership! I’m one of those new generation feminine leaders!”

I fully surrendered this year to the feminine and found myself having breakthrough after breakthrough in every area of my life.

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I’m hOMe. For the first time since I left my parents house at 18, I have my own place. I’ve lived all over the world, but never felt home and never created my own space that felt like mine. Until now.

Pretty unbelievable but true. I never valued it; instead I valued adventure and a nomadic lifestyle with no roots. For the first time, I want to ground and nest and settle into my sacred space.

What’s so amazing about this experience is that I get to do it in partnership. It’s OUR home. My first home is with my baby-daddy, my husband-to-be, my beloved Brent Kozlowski. We get to create together.

So grateful. In awe of what we manifested. And celebrating because we deserve to live in a beautiful place we love.

Gratitude, Love and Acknowledgement for my Man


Yesterday, I had a crazy hormonal lunatic moment (or more like an extended period of crazytown) where I just couldn’t see anything clearly. I told Brent I didn’t know if our relationship was going to work. I felt trapped. I was raging. Then sobbing. A messy puddle of progesterone all over the place.

And he said something that knocked the hormones right out of me:

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To combine money or stay separate in partnership?

One of the biggest obstacles for couples is MONEY. So today, Brent and I went to my financial planner to get ourselves on the same page with our finances. A joint account, our goals, our budget with the baby coming, etc etc. And I feel sooooo empowered with the accountability, support and guidance! It feels so in flow to merge in this way and step into a whole new level of partnership. I am so grateful for how open Brent is with everything and his willingness to be growing with me every day. LOVE!