I Choose a Home Birth

We just finished watching The Business of Being Born. I watched it about 3 years ago when I decided that if I got pregnant I would do a homebirth.

As I watched it again with Brent, I sobbed during every part where the women were giving birth.

This pregnancy has me in awe of myself, the birthing process and life itself. What an honor to give birth! What an honor to create life! What an inspiration!

And to think it is really happening … in less than 9 months! It takes my breath away. I want to feel all of it. I want to experience myself going past my edge and making the ultimate surrender that a woman can make … choosing in that moment to give in to it all and allow the baby to come out.

The Business of Being Born is a must see for every pregnant woman so that she can be educated in her choices around her birth.

I’m choosing to have a home birth because I want to be empowered in this rite of passage.

Every time I think about giving birth, I go back to my Ayahuasca journey in Peru this past January. I sat outside in the cold rainy night, squatting under the overhang of the temple to stay dry. My hands in the dirt. My hair pulled back. I felt as the nausea came up from my belly. I felt as my body convulsed. I felt it all working in perfect harmony to have me vomit in the grass. It felt like I was birthing … in the opposite direction. Strangely profound.

“This is what it must feel like to give birth,” I thought. “I’m ready for this. I can handle this.”

I was fascinated by my body’s ability to work in this way to project something out of my body. The human body is miraculous in the way it works.

So why would I want to go to the hospital and use drugs to numb myself from my body’s natural abilities to give birth? Why would I want to put myself in the precarious position of being labor induced too soon? The body knows when it is ready. My body is more than ready to do its thing.

So this brings me to the questions: Who do I choose for my midwife? What will be my backup plan in case of complications?

I am actively interviewing midwives in San Diego. Please leave a comment with any midwife recommendations. And if you’ve had a home birth, I’d love to hear your inspirational story!