Activate Your Vision

I’m known as the FemFire Activator. Ready to catch my fire? I make things happen. Fast. And I’m here to catalyze your life and business.

How this works:

1) Select the Activation Session you want below.

2) Sign up today by clicking the appropriate link.

3) Once you make your payment, you will be redirected to my calendar on Timetrade.

4) Select your date and time. You will then be given specific instructions for the call.

* If for some reason, you are not redirected to my calendar, please email after you pay and you will receive the calendar link.


Activate Wealth – 60 minutes ($249)*

I know how to monetize your dreams and make them a reality. I’ve created multiple revenue streams: membership, 1 on 1 coaching, group masterminds, retreats, etc. I’ve filled courses and programs with one or two emails. I can show you how to generate income quickly and efficiently. And most importantly, we will identify the “money story” from your father that has been holding you back from receiving what you are worth. Sign up today!


Activate Tribe – 60 minutes ($249)

Have you been doing 1 on 1 coaching and want to leverage your time by creating group programs, retreats and events? I have put on dozens upon dozens of events from 3 hours to 8 days. Multi-million dollar business owners come to me to learn how to create community engagement. If you have the charisma, excitement, vision and contacts required to pull people into a room and most importantly, you are ready to be seen, I can help you structure your event so that you make money instead of losing it and have people buzzing with excitement to be there. Sign up today!


The Activation Intensive – 1 full day ($1500)

A full day going deep with me will change your life. I will take you through tools and techniques to clear your blocks and empower you to use these tools on a consistent basis. I will be your mastermind partner and take your large vision and chunk it down into clearly defined next steps. This is the ultimate “clear and create” activation intensive. Ready for a massive jumpstart? This is it. Once you register, you will receive an email from me to schedule the date for your intensive. Sign up today!


90 Day Plan Program – 3 months (details and pricing customizable to the individual)

How did I build an international following in a very short time period? I used a 90-day plan structure. I will take you through the process of getting really clear on:

  • your big vision
  • a tangible 90 day goal
  • action steps to make it happen
  • resources you already have and additional resources you will need

Throughout the program, I empower you to clear the self-doubt that comes up to sabotage your efforts and get in alignment with the natural flow of what I call “God’s plan.”  Set up a strategy session!