My first and only sonogram

We decided that I would only do one “test” — no bloodwork to check for abnormalities only an anatomy sonogram at 20 weeks to make sure the baby was healthy and to find out the gender.

Midwife Michelle Freund recommended Sergio at Sonohealth for his boutique clinic and we were blown away by the whole experience from walking up to a cute restored house in North Park to Sergio’s fun personality and precision at his job.

We have been told horror stories about technicians telling you not to talk and won’t give you a play by play of the sonogram. Sergio not only was cracking jokes, but gave us an in-depth analysis of what was going on. Within 30 minutes, he had given us the measurements of the baby, due date and even had us close our eyes when he checked the gender so he could seal it in an envelop for our Reveal Party on Nov 26.

We paid $25 to receive color prints of the 4D sonogram sections and a DVD to show.

His technology is top line and next month he said he is upgrading to even better quality.