Healing the Masculine

Inspired action.

I shot the video and realized it was not in alignment with the challenge: to share my vulnerability and be transparent in my process. Redo, bring out my feelings, thought process, stories. That’s what this is about. Embodied work, walking the walk, not “talking about.”

Takeaways from today’s video:

1) Tap into your story and feel it. Notice where you use “you” language instead of “I”. Notice where you describe the situation vs. really embodying the emotions. Go deeper when expressing yourself. This takes awareness.

2) How to get into divine feminine flow. How to go through life with grace and ease. I talk about today’s process of taking inspired action.

3) Integration is the theme of this journey. Co-creation is integration. How do we find balance within ourselves and create harmony in our environments? How do we incorporate all parts of ourselves?

ENGAGE, leave a comment: your experience is just as valuable as mine. This video challenge is a co-creation, where you become an active participant. What is your relationship with the masculine? What is opening up for you?