I am Tanya Paluso,

coach, facilitator, speaker, author and CEO of Tribal Truth.

I have been through the dark and the light. I’ve gained tremendous wisdom through my experiences and training. I am a leader who walks my talk and is always looking at where I can be responsible for my impact on the world.

I am passionate.

I am a dreamer.

I am a stand for truth.

And I am committed.

People come to me because they are inspired by my vision and moved by my conviction. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to be part of the movement I’ve started because it allows them to see that they can play a bigger game.

I’ve coached top business professionals in Mumbai. I’ve led over a dozen Tribal Truth leaders in starting their own tribe. I’ve led masterminds where women have come out six-figure earners in less than a year. I’ve built stages where speakers have walked away with tens of thousands of dollars in their pocket.

I love standing for someone to have a breakthrough. I love brainstorming for new business strategies. I love creating 90 day plans that help someone take a huge step forward in their life and business.

I speak, sell and write from my heart. I listen for what matters and what will make a difference.

I get underneath someone’s skin and make them feel really uncomfortable so they can see the truth and breakthrough their limited beliefs. And other times, I softly ask someone to share and when they cry, I cry with her because I feel her pain. I am sensitive as much as I am tough.

I am a big visionary who sees beyond the limitations and I take fast, inspired action. I make things happen. I am a catalyst. I inspire the truth to arise from the depths of the heart.

This blog is where I tell the truth. I hope to activate something within you.