How to Overcome Overwhelm

Last night, we had our Tribal Truth gathering and we poked fun at the fact that I am a doer. I’m a producer. We laughed about my intentionality in how I walk and even brush my teeth. I can be super focused in the midst of chaos. And yet, this “doing” is coming from a place of over-compensating for my feeling of unworthiness.


Just me simply being is enough. I don’t have to do anything.

Getting grounded in this last night, I was able to see a situation much clear this morning and answer the question: How do I overcome overwhelm with a project that is starting to feel like a burden?

I had a conversation with two women I’m partnering with about accountability and responsibility that left us all feeling pumped up and inspired.Watch the video to learn how to apply this to your own life:

ENGAGE, leave a comment: Share a time when you felt overwhelmed or burdened by a project. Did you learn anything from this video? I challenge you to have a conversation like I did if you are currently in an overwhelming project and share your insights.