I’m now officially …

Lots of changes with Little Be coming into the world. Next year, I will formally and legally become Tanya Lynn Kozlowski when I take Brent’s hand in marriage. The idea of no longer being “Tanya Paluso” scared me, as it is who I always knew myself to be. We become so attached to our names as our identities.

I have thought about continuing to be Tanya Paluso for my business and Tanya Kozlowski for my life and it just doesn’t feel right.

But what has been resonating for me is to be known publicly and in business as Tanya Lynn. It feels feminine. It feels honoring of my lineage. And when I looked up the name Lynn, it said “dwells by the torrent.” A torrent is swift moving water, whether a waterfall or a river. It feels so fitting for me as a Pisces and my personality feeling like the constant changing element of water.

There it is. A declaration. A new portal for my expression in the world. An honoring of past, present and future. And so it is.