I wanted to cancel. Quit. Throw in the towel. Give up.

But I didn’t. Instead I asked, how can this be easier, lighter and more graceful?

I have to let go of control. I have to stop trying to hold it all together and surrender to grace.

There was no coincidence that I committed to hosting an all-day event a week before my wedding. Both events provided the same mirror for me: it’s not about cancelling or quitting. It’s about practicing the art of feminine leadership.

I kept having this regret about my wedding: I should have pocketed the money for a down payment for a house instead of throwing a big expensive party.

I had the same regret about the Sistership Circle Festival: I should have pocketed that time to put toward my wedding.

The truth was that I had to do both of these events to get this lesson:

It’s not about giving up the dream, but about giving up control of how to manifest the dream. (click to tweet)

Have you quit on your ideas, visions and dreams?

Have you felt overcommitted and regretted taking on too much?

Have you resisted committing in the first place in fear of not being a success, or the infamous “I can’t give it my all?”

Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward, because you feel so overwhelmed by what it would take to manifest your dream, vision or project?

Yep, I get it. The overwhelm of producing something … An event, a new program, a retreat, a new project.

It requires so much to pull off.

But what if you do it another way?

What if you wear the hat of the magician?

I drew this card last night at circle and while I’ve seen it before, I didn’t get it until now.

The magician archetype is the powerful manifestor of dreams.

The magician doesn’t “do” work by herself.

She co-creates with the divine. She trusts the unfolding, the mystery of how things work out, the way the universe always has everything work out.

The magician is who I became to pull off the festival and who I am being this week to pull off this wedding.

I tried on a different way of being, a magical way of being, trusting in co-creation, letting go of thinking I was in control, and allowed the pieces to fall into place.

{sigh of relief}

The festival was incredible. Not because of my effort but because of my effortless co-creation with 10 facilitators and the universe.

And I’m looking forward to my wedding being just as magical as I bask in self-care for the rest of the week, pampering my queen. Creating space for magic is show up. I handed everything off yesterday so I can simply show up on Sunday.

I was going to cancel my Thursday activation call under the guise of self-care, but when the magician appeared I knew that she wanted to be activated in the tribe.

Join me at 9am PST to learn how to:

  • embody the magician in your life and business
  • create space in your life even with all of your commitments
  • trust the co-creation process and step into collaboration with others
  • let go of feeling inadequate and “unable to give it your all” by trusting in another way

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Look forward to connecting with you on the call and sharing photos from my wedding next time I write next week!