overcoming fear of putting something out there

A week ago, I got a call from my friend, Peter, asking for information on how I did my book launch last year. He was super inspired by what I had put together with women reading passages from the book as well as musicians rocking the house. Over 70 people in our community rallied at the local coffee shop and turned it into a huge celebration. He shared that he was feeling so vulnerable in putting his book out there and asking everyone to come to his launch.

Peter’s book, no coincidence, is called Fearless Mindset. So of course he had to overcome his fear around launching it. And he implemented a key step to overcome fear when putting something out there: vulnerably ask for support. In other words, tell people the truth.

I see people over and over again get stuck and frozen in fear. The way through it is to acknowledge it. Call it out. Let people see your humanness. It is what inspires others to want to take action and support you. And the key here is that you don’t have to do it alone.

There is something powerful about setting an intention and having the group consciousness support that intention in being realized. This is why I facilitate the Sistership Virtual Mastermind (stay tuned for fall registration to open); so we can hold each other’s intentions and support each other in moving through the fear and blocks.

Tomorrow night I’m going to be giving the opening speech at Peter’s book launch party, talking about putting a tribe behind your dream. And in the spirit of this theme, I thought I should put something out there myself. An intention I’ve been holding in my heart.

I’ve been afraid to put this intention out there publicly for a whole host of reasons. What if it doesn’t happen? Will I look like a fool? Will people think I’m crazy? Yes, maybe. But it doesn’t matter what people think.

Here goes …

My intention is to be pregnant with my second baby by the end of 2015.

There you have it. You’ve heard it. And now I ask you to simply hold that intention with me. I feel my body already prepping. Kali is making it really easy too. It feels right. I have no fear or anxiety about getting pregnant again. No resistance. I just know that the next soul who chooses me as mama is ready and waiting for the perfect moment to be conceived. I’m ready. And so it is.

Now as I re-read that statement above, I feel so aligned. So free. And also not attached. There is really nothing to do right now that my intention is officially floating out there in the ethers. I just wait for the moment to come.

Is there something you intend to happen in 2015 that you afraid to declare, commit to and/or put out there?

This could be a huge turning point for you if you choose to acknowledge the fear and put your intention out there anyway. Everything that I have manifested in my life from my business to my relationship to my baby has come from speaking my intention for it out loud.

So go for it. I’d love to hold space for your dreams to be realized. I double dog dare you to write it in the comments below.