How to Overcome more Overwhelm

When I get in the flow, I get inspired and I want to create more. With that, I tend to want to take on too much and all of a sudden find myself with a backlog of work to catch up on, new connections to follow up with and projects to complete.

Have you been in the state of overwhelm with too much on your plate?

Today, I dive deeper underneath the surface and look at a couple things to prevent frustration — focusing on what makes you flow in your power.

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Stranger Things have Happened with Strangers

Super cool day.  The community builder that I am gets totally high off new connections … I had a new friend, Sabine from Denmark come over today and she did something so amazing that I had to sneak away for a few minutes to create today’s video for you.

Check it out:

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How to Take Blame and Shame out of your Relationships

It’s so easy to point the finger and tell someone what they are doing wrong and why it is their fault there is a problem in the relationship. But every time you point the finger, there are 4 fingers pointing back at yourself.

When I walk away from someone or something, I usually brush it off as “not my problem.” I remove and disconnect myself.

But we attract people, places and things into our lives for a reason. People come into our lives as a direct mirror reflection of ourselves, designed to help us heal and self-realize.

So when we brush it off as “your problem, not mine” we miss an opportunity for growth.

And most likely, someone else will show up down the road to teach you the same lesson, and again and again until you get it.

This is why shadow work is so important.

In today’s video, I talk specifically about my own shadow:

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How to Get your Needs Met in a Partnership

I had a breakthrough today in actually embodying partnership around needs.

Historically, I have a hard time expressing my needs, most of the time because I’m unclear on what they are. I know the basics of when I need food and sleep, and sometimes those needs get compromised.

So as Collin Harris has stepped into my life to co-create Tribal Truth Divine Brotherhood and now Tribal Truth Youth, he’s been helping me identify my needs in the moment, ask for them and receive.

We took it a step further today and I share about my experience in the video:

ENGAGE, leave a comment: What’s your relationship with your needs? I double dog dare you to tell your partner that you will focus on his/her needs and see the reaction. Share your insights below.