Get your Creative Freak On!

I did it! I set an intention and I got creative! And it turned out better than good! I am so excited … it is possible to be blocked and simply by identifying it, blast through it and feel fulfilled.

Check out the art piece I created in today’s video:

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Unblock your Creative Genius

I’ve been attracting a lot of artists into my life lately. I’ve been attracting a lot of creative expression events into my life too. I’ve started going to Dance Jam every week, started the Artist Way 12 week course, and put on an event last night that was all about self-expression.

And yet, I’m feeling really jealous of all these artists and blocked in my own creative genius! Let me clarify: blocked in my own expression as an artist!

Watch today’s video to learn about my process I’m starting to unblock myself:

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How to Get your Feminine Manifesting Flow On

Woah. I’m telling you, the energy is moving really fast in 2013. Can you feel it?

I snap my fingers and ask for something, and it comes immediately. Talk about FLOW.


My new home

LIVE IT 2013 event with J4J

Creating the first Tribal Truth Men’s event

Making money

What’s different? My relationship with the feminine has shifted.

I’d like to share with you two things today: my 3 step process on Accessing Feminine Super Manifesting Power and an exciting event coming up next week.

“Accessing your Feminine Super Manifesting Power”

Here’s the big thing I got this week: the more I let go of controlling and forcing and simply allow, the more flow I get. It is so uncomfortable because I am such a masculine planner; I need my strategic focus map. But every time I have tried planning something for this year, it doesn’t work.

However …

Every time I set an intention and then allow the process to unfold, magic appears.

Dates, times, logistics, venues … out the window.

The HOW and the WHAT have become a mystery to me. Yes, this feels so weird and uncomfortable, but I swear, it has been working.

Here are my 3 steps in today’s video:

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How to Be Fully Committed

Am I all in?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself since last night with all of my commitments. Where do I hold myself back? Where am I half in, half out?

In today’s video, I dive into how I recommitted to a women’s circle I participate in and how this process has helped me lean into other commitments in my life as well.

Oh, and I got a haircut today, which makes me feel so feminine and soft. Excited to show off my new look!

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How to Say Yes to Yourself (and no to others)

I have a really hard time saying no to others. I have a even harder time saying yes to myself.

Why is this?

Why do I say yes to someone and immediately regret it and then go on a downward spiral as I try to reclaim my power?

I dive into a process with my East Bay Tribe Leader and dear friend Jess Libbey on today’s video:

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