So You Want to See the Baby? 7 guidelines for supporting a new mama’s birth

I remember being so excited every time my friend had a baby. I couldn’t wait to go over for that first meeting, but also had so much apprehension come up of not wanting to be a burden. I would get a little hurt if my friend didn’t invite me over right away.

Now that I’ve had my own baby, I am embarrassed about my behavior toward my mama friends. I was completely oblivious to what they were going through. I developed so much compassion for my own friends who were also clueless when they came to see my baby and wish I had been able to give some guidelines for them to know how to best support me.

Here’s the thing: while you want to see the baby, the mama may really need you to show up for her, not the baby.

She just went through the most difficult moment of her life. If she was anything like me, she was wiped out, depleted, exhausted and maybe even nursing an injury.

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Birth Story

I thought I was ready.

For weeks, I visualized her coming through the birth canal. I saw myself powerfully “breathing her out.”

I had done the work:

10 days of silent meditation during my 35th week of pregnancy.

Chiropractic care every week for 4 months.

Swimming days before I went into labor.

I was healthy. Strong. And according to my midwife, had a really spacious birth canal for delivery.

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Top 10 Things I’m Experiencing at 32 Weeks Pregnant

32 weeks‬ pregnant today … Two months until my little girl arrives!

Here are the top 10 things I’m experiencing in the home stretch:

1) I love Tums.

2) I’m thirsty as hell. Apparently this is due to the massive blood expansion happening as she is in a huge growth spurt so it feels like I can’t get enough water. Yesterday I added coconut water to my fridge.

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Year in Review (Part 2)

I received a ton of positive feedback about last week’s Year in Review and I decided that I needed to continue to share my process of completion of 2014 and the creation of 2015, making this a series.

After doing the Year in Review where I went month by month through the year to tease out highlights and lessons, something still felt incomplete.

So I asked myself the question: what’s still incomplete from 2014? What are you still beating yourself up about? Then I went through the categories of my life to see what was still there in the shadows.

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2014 Year in Review: My Year of Death and Rebirth

I started 2014 for a week in bed, sick, going through an intense healing process. I had co-created a New Year’s Eve party and ironically stayed home while the rest of my community enjoyed what I co-created. A lesson of letting go, taking care of myself, and trusting the leadership in others.

Now as I reflect on the entire year, I see that the beginning was appropriate for a year of Death and Rebirth and truly understanding The Miracle of Creation.

I needed to start in bed, to be resting, to be cleansing and purifying for what I consider to be a very powerful year where I birthed my book, Sistership Circle and become pregnant with my first baby. Her soul said, “Mama, I’m coming in during this year that you dedicate yourself to feminine leadership! I’m one of those new generation feminine leaders!”

I fully surrendered this year to the feminine and found myself having breakthrough after breakthrough in every area of my life.

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