I’m hOMe. For the first time since I left my parents house at 18, I have my own place. I’ve lived all over the world, but never felt home and never created my own space that felt like mine. Until now.

Pretty unbelievable but true. I never valued it; instead I valued adventure and a nomadic lifestyle with no roots. For the first time, I want to ground and nest and settle into my sacred space.

What’s so amazing about this experience is that I get to do it in partnership. It’s OUR home. My first home is with my baby-daddy, my husband-to-be, my beloved Brent Kozlowski. We get to create together.

So grateful. In awe of what we manifested. And celebrating because we deserve to live in a beautiful place we love.

You are not alone

Last night, I went to bed restless, upset and depleted. What started as an incredible day ended with me caught up in mind chatter. I woke up at 3:30am completely pissed off and angry. I tossed and turned. I felt utterly alone and unsupported.

How could I feel this way with so many incredible people that I interact with on a daily basis? Circles of women who I connect deeply with multiple times a week? Sleeping next to this incredible man who does, and would do, anything for me? Who I know loves me unconditionally?

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I’m now officially …

Lots of changes with Little Be coming into the world. Next year, I will formally and legally become Tanya Lynn Kozlowski when I take Brent’s hand in marriage. The idea of no longer being “Tanya Paluso” scared me, as it is who I always knew myself to be. We become so attached to our names as our identities.

I have thought about continuing to be Tanya Paluso for my business and Tanya Kozlowski for my life and it just doesn’t feel right.

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