My personal growth in business

In 2010, when I started Tribal Truth, I was too scared and insecure to lead a long-term program so I started my “career” in the role as a MC for events, filling other leaders’ programs who I felt were more capable than me at leading deeper, transformational processes.

I wanted to be that leader but didn’t believe I had the content, skill or confidence to create a program.

A year later, I created my first online program.

I kept wanting to go deeper but I quickly realized that wisdom came with experience over time. So I kept working on myself and stretching my capacity to lead longer and deeper processes.

As I sat at the closing circle today of The School for the New Generation Leader, acknowledging the group for their transformation, I also reflected on my own growth and what it took for me to facilitate and lead what one of the participants called “the holy grail of personal development.”

I’m not sharing this to brag, but to celebrate my own transformation. I have finally stepped into the shoes I wanted to fill 4+ years ago.