Jessica Libbey headshot (1) - 2“Tanya is willing to compassionately challenge you when she sees where you have the potential to step it up, she knows how to ask the questions that allow you to come to your own powerful realizations and she always makes sure to remind you of your own greatness. Tanya offers a unique combination of strategy, knowledge, experience, wisdom, passion, love and a deep commitment to you and to seeing you fully embody your brilliance and your true potential, so that you can have the kind of big impact you so desire to have on the world.” – Jessica Libbey,

“Tanya is the epitome of a leader. She has an amazing ability to create social change by bringing communities of women together in a way that isn’t just empowering, it’s life-shifting. Her ability to take a complex problem and encourage input to find a solution is a unique skill to find. Not only is she moving mountains, she’s inspiring, teaching and uplifting her mission of truth in order to create a better world. I’ve been so fortunate to stumble upon her brilliance, wisdom and insight. A true leader can listen, accept, attune and still continue to move forward without judgement or hesitation. This is Tanya, plus more!” – Jessica Tomlinson,

HR_Headshot_SM“Tanya is a born leader. She does not look at a wall as an obstacle she sees it as opportunity to build with. I have personally witnessed her in action taking the most challenging situations and making it a huge success. This woman walks the walk and anyone who gets the privilege to work with her is blessed.” – Hillary Rubin,

“Tanya is an extraordinary catalyst. In a nut shell, she helps women take their visions and make them real. She’s the voice of encouragement, insight, and support that you dream of having in your life … the kind that gets you off your bum and into powerful action. Ever since Tanya came into my life, my business has exploded in the best way possible. Her individual attention as well as her leadership of Mastermind sessions is exactly that – masterful. If you take your work in the world seriously, I can’t recommend highly enough that you work with Tanya.” – KC Baker,

christina“Tanya is a force. A fireball. She is heart and passion and incredible business savvy all in one. I have known Tanya for 2 years and I feel blessed to call her a soul sister. We have led events together, been mastermind partners for each other, and coached other women visionaries through our VIP program. When Tanya coaches it is absolute genius coming through. I have never seen anything quite like it. She can take a vague sense or longing and turn it into a million dollar idea complete with clear action steps. Give her a vision and she’ll give you the map. She just channels brilliance. She knows how to produce events, create community and build successful movements. I HIGHLY recommend Tanya to the leader that wants to quantum leap in their business and mission.” – Christina Dunbar,

JEN“When Tanya says activate you will activate! I have been blown away by this woman! She is one of the most progressive and action-oriented women on the planet. She cuts through the head games and sees what is to be done. The moment I talked to her on the phone I felt that my life would change just by knowing her and it has. She can change a negative perspective within minutes and her love of truth sets her apart from others in the coaching field. She wants it. She feels it. And she knows it. She has given me the power to accept my activation abilities and for that I will be indebted to her forever. She is the ultimate activated feminine leader.” – Jennifer Lamprey, San Diego


nigel“Tanya is beyond committed … she’s totally devoted to your fullest and highest! In both personal and professional relationships, Tanya is someone you can TRUST for astute counsel, grounded support, and passionate practicality. Whether you are a friend or client Tanya will tenaciously hold you to your highest! She is a caring, kind and compassionate person, and also as tough as they come! She is at her best when you are really challenged, ready to give up, or just don’t know what to do next. Tanya excels at guiding others in defining clear goals, aligning passion with practical strategies for creating purpose-driven action. I had a significant breakthrough recently during a session with Tanya that shifted my perspective on a long standing limiting belief resulting in a flood of creativity and massive action with courage and clarity. Thanks to your business expertise, relentless devotion, and stand for personal integrity, I now know I can move in the direction of my life goals with confidence. Thanks Tanya for not allow me to fail or stay stuck in my old patterns!” – Nigel Be Benjamin, San Diego

Optimized-HappyCropped_Watermark_Small“The transformation and value that I’ve received through my relationship with Tanya is beyond measure. Every time she has coached me, she has helped me go deeper into my own value and supported me in bringing it to the world on a larger level. The depth of her intuition, combined with her strength as a coach and leader, and her dedication to her clients, are powerful enough to take anyone to the fullest capacity of their desires. Tanya is a master space holder for whatever your deepest intentions are, whether you consciously know them or not.

Working with her, through coaching, workshops, three of her retreats and her high-end mastermind program has brought me to a new level of knowing that I’m enough, being able to communicate my truth, and living into my power that I didn’t even know I needed to find; and am now eternally grateful for. I don’t know a single leader who walks their talk as much as Tanya does, especially in the realm of what it really means to be a woman in this world. The depth of the work she does on herself has inspired and supported me in what I’m capable of in my own life and business. If you’re looking to go deep in your own life or business, to find your truth and align your life with the beauty that is you, I highly recommend you choose Tanya to support you in that journey.” – Jordanna Eyre,

“I was terrified to speak in public, or do anything for that matter, without worrying about what everybody thought or if it was perfect. Then I signed up to work with Tanya and her coaching changed my life. She pushed me, stretched me, made me cry, made me laugh, and made me very, very proud of myself. When you have someone who believes in you and sees your potential when you can’t see it yourself, you can do anything. I’ve had one event and I was terrified of it, but I did it and it went really well. I can stand and say I did it and I can go to sleep at night knowing I accomplished something that I never thought I could do. And … I’ve scheduled my second event! Tanya didn’t quit on me. She won’t quit on you either. Ever.” – Jewels, Orange County

“Tanya is a powerful visionary entrepreneur. She has taught me how to break thru my self-doubt, charge thru procrastination with a clear call to action. Tanya is an excellent role model for women entrepreneurs in all phases of their business(es). Holding so much gratitude for you and how you show up in my world! Thank you!” – Elizabeth Hahn, San Diego

“Taking your purpose-driven business and passion to the next level requires support, love, clarity, accountability, belief and a strong community lead by an authentic coach! Tanya represents and has created all of this by providing a safe place for you to speak your truth and develop as a leader yourself to confidently share your message and gifts to the world.

When I first met Tanya I was in a place of wanting to bring the visions and voice I had for my business to life but didn’t really have the direction, confidence or belief in making it reality. Since then I’ve been part of 2 of her online coaching programs, which have both transitioned my business from a written idea on paper to an online presence and shop, personal training clients, and the launch of my new partnership in nutrition and raw food. More importantly she provided a safe space for me to continue to develop myself as a person, a leader and a true example to my community.

I’ve known Tanya now for over 2 years as a coach, mentor, leader and a friend. Now more than ever I believe a new paradigm of leadership, coaching & business is emerging and Tanya is on the leading edge of this creation. If want to learn from a global, connected feminine leader and create the authentic and successfully balanced business life you’ve always wanted then I would highly recommend connecting with Tanya today!” – Brenda Chapman,