Priestess of the moon

For years I had wondered how I could design my life and business to be in alignment with my own personal cycle as well as the rhythms and cycles of the earth.

It felt like a lot of work to “figure” it all out. So while I felt a calling, I didn’t answer it.

Until about a month ago.

Having a baby has left me with less energy to do other things than I had before and I knew something needed to shift. I needed to ride the waves instead of paddling against them.

All new and full moons and seasonal changes are now in my calendar along with my menstrual cycles. I’m mapping out my year for 2016 based on seasons. I’m scheduling calls and focusing on work around the full moon and the peak of my cycle when I have the most energy. I’m taking time off during my period to simply rest in bed. I’ve even taken an interest in astrology.

None of it feels difficult. It feels natural, easy and fluid. All I need to do is continue to educate myself, have a greater sense of awareness of myself in the midst of the cycles and rhythms, and trust my innate connection with mama earth.

Call me woo-woo, I don’t care. It’s working. I’ve been disconnected, in my head, drained from running on my masculine energy for far too long.

This is the embodiment of the feminine. This is the calling for women around the world: To deepen our connection with ourselves, one another and the planet.