sugar addiction

I have an addiction to sugar. Yep, and it has had me by a stranglehold the past couple weeks. The launch has had me on hyper-focus mode and my go-to stimulant has been sweets.

Last night at Sistership Circle, we tuned into our bodies and identified what imay be in pain. My middle back. Louise Hays’ You Can Heal Your Life says that middle back pain is related to guilt.

Every time I eat a sweet, I feel immense guilt of the damage it is doing to Little Be.

I know the pattern: work + not enough self-care = eat sugar

So instead of beating myself up, I’m doing exactly what I talked about last night and making sure every day I get a “treat” — something that feels yummy and nourishing and can fulfill the craving for sweets without going for the sugar.

So far today I have needed A LOT to feel fulfilled: yoga, a beach walk and now I’m in the bathtub soaking.

Thank god for the reflections at Sistership Circle to keep me healthy and in alignment.