Holding Space for Transformation

What is holding space?

Holding space is when someone creates an environment or atmosphere of connection through full acceptance and non-judgment.

This could be in a group dynamic or one on one.

It is a critical piece of co-creative leadership because in order for people to work together in collaboration, all ideas, thoughts and feelings must be welcome.

As a facilitator, I am always faced with the challenge of how to hold safe space for others to have a transformational experience. And by that I mean that they experience their power and know themselves as a leader of their own life. They have awareness of themselves in a way they didn’t before.

In today’s video, I talk about 3 components of holding space. This is just the tip of iceberg.

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Competition vs. Collaboration

I have a love-hate relationship with being a truth teller and opening the doors for others to tell their truth to me.

I always have the reaction “I’m in trouble!” when someone tells me they have to tell me their truth. It comes from my childhood. My stomach drops and I get triggered.

But when I lean in, magic happens every single time. More connection. More harmony. I get over that initial reaction and trigger and open my heart. I love this point of surrender and vulnerability.

Today, someone spoke their truth to me and I leaned in and without fail, we developed a deeper bond and a new opportunity for collaboration.

The topic: competition. This one is good:

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Turning Competition into Collaboration

So many people are actually getting the power of collaboration … I’m seeing partnerships forming everywhere around me!

And yet, it is a scary thing and very difficult because most people are struggling to get their basic needs met and when you partner, you have to take care of both yourself and the other person.

Not only that, but the “Am I good enough?” question surfaces every time.

I personally have had this fear and scarcity come up in some recent collaborations. I know how it feels.

In today’s video, I talk about a conversation I had today about this and what I did to overcome it.

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