Getting the Support you Need and Desire

“I feel like I’m not supported.”

How many times have you said this?

It is totally normal to feel like you are doing it all alone. Overwhelmed. Frustrated.

In today’s video, I talk about 3 areas of life you can create structure around to feel more supported. You will naturally start to attract people to support you in your life when you create structures for them to step into.

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How to Overcome more Overwhelm

When I get in the flow, I get inspired and I want to create more. With that, I tend to want to take on too much and all of a sudden find myself with a backlog of work to catch up on, new connections to follow up with and projects to complete.

Have you been in the state of overwhelm with too much on your plate?

Today, I dive deeper underneath the surface and look at a couple things to prevent frustration — focusing on what makes you flow in your power.

ENGAGE, leave a comment: Are you overwhelmed? What actions can you take? Share insights below.