Speaking Up About Sex

For the past 2-3 years, I have been exploring my sexuality and sensuality as a woman. This is probably the most difficult subject for me to go public with and I’m freaking out a little about posting this video because of the raw vulnerability.

I’m afraid of where this may go and how it may be perceived.

And at the same time, I’m just going for it … pushing my edge like I usually do.

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Brazilian or Bush?

Instead of a video, I’m writing a piece on feminine power.

I have an inquiry:

Is it more empowering to go Brazilian or bush?

The reason I am in this inquiry is because I did the Hair monologue in the 2010 Vagina Monologues play, which is about a woman who hated to shave her “hair down there” for her husband who ended up cheating on her anyway, despite her efforts to please him.

Some women love to shave it. Some don’t give a shit.

For me, I did the Hair monologue as a protest to shaving because I thought that it was forced upon our generation by Playboy and porn in general. I commiserated with the character in the monologue for doing it to please a man and not standing up for herself.

Let it go al naturale. Who cares? It’s womanly. Feminine. The essence of who we are.

Today, I saw another perspective.  I let go of my stubborn anti-shaving position and had an a-ha moment: It seemed symbolic to shave it all off and expose it all as a way of claiming personal pussy power. Not for a man, but for us women.

Claim all parts of myself. My yoni. My pussy. My sexuality. My sensuality. My pleasure.

To release all shame and guilt and fear.

To not hide out or protect.

To feel safe despite exposure. Vulnerability.

Could shaving and getting rid of that protective hair be an act of empowerment?

Could it be like claiming my voice and speaking up for my needs and desires?

Is it indeed more pleasurable, easier and better for sex? More beautiful, sexy and divine?

I’d love to hear the wide array of opinions on this one … share your voice on the comments below. Yes, it is a risque topic and you are putting yourself out there … but go for it anyway!